Below are some of the projects I have worked on over the past 10 months, with links to the project code when applicable.

Recommendation Engines: 

Machine Learning:

  • R: Developed a cross-validation method to predict passenger survival in Titanic dataset.
    • Compared model performance with and without cross-validation
    • Code: Machine-Learning
  • Python: Performed Classification, used Dataframe mappers and TFID vectorizer for text data.

MVC in Python:

  • Developed a simple MVC application in Python


  • Datathon 1: Performed an RFM analysis in Python: Created the RFM variables and merged them with the master table
  • Datathon 2: Participated in a 7-hour datathon. Performed data visualization and EDA in R.

Data Visualization:

  • Built interactive visualization in R (using Shiny) and Tableau, based on the Global Shapers‘ survey data provided by the WEF (World Economic Forum)